Rio Saltwater Tarpon Line
Rio Saltwater Tarpon Line Rio Saltwater Tarpon Line

The perfect line for Tarpon and other tropical species. This line has a long back taper for smooth, controlled casts and is slightly heavier than the AFTMA standard to load rods for quick accurate casts. There are two color options in the floating line; a sea grass green line, which is the regular floating line, and a camo tip version with 20 ft of dark camo at the front end to avoid spooking fish in tricky conditions. In addition, a floating line with a 10 ft clear intermediate tip is available for coping with windy days, or for getting the fly a little deeper. Each line features a tropical AgentX coating made with RIO’s XS Technology combined with a medium stiff core that will not wilt in the heat, and include welded loops at both ends for easy rigging.

WF8F – WF13F
Color: Sea Grass

WF10F - WF12F
Color: Sea Grass/Camo Tip
Length: 100 ft (30.5m)

WF10F/I – WF12F/I
Length: 100 ft
Color: Sea Grass/Clear Tip